Arch Linux Laptop Setup (post-install)

1 min

These notes outline my Arch post-installation with Sway.

Software list: arch-packages.txt

AUR software list: arch-aur-packages.txt


🔗Screen locking

Add a service to lock the screen before suspending: nvim /etc/systemd/system/screenlock.service:

Description = Lock the screen
Before =

User = <username>
Environment = DISPLAY=:0
ExecStart = <screen-lock-command>


🔗Software configuration

Most of the installed software either doesn't require manual configuration or has been configured in the dotfiles repo.

Configuration for the rest is described below:


gpasswd -a <user> bumblebee
systemctl enable bumblebeed

(system changes - restart system afterwards)


systemctl enable --now cups.socket
systemctl enable --now avahi-daemon.service


systemctl enable --now --user deluged.service
systemctl enable --now --user deluge-web.service


systemctl enable --now --user syncthing.service


Create a BTRFS subvolume for QEMU images (disable COW):

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/qemu
chattr +C ~/.local/share/qemu