Anarchy Linux

Anarchy Linux is an Arch Linux installer, which I’ve been interested in lately.

It combines two great things, having an Arch base and having everything set up automatically for you.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing inherently bad about installing Arch “the Arch way”, but I don’t want to spend the whole day setting everything up again (or for like the 10th time, since I distrohop often).

I’ve sumbled upon Anarchy quite a while ago, when looking for an easier way to install Arch. I’ve tested both Manjaro and Antergos (Now discontinued and replaced by EndeavourOS), but I haven’t been completely happy with either of them.

I’ve recently finished high school and apparently this is my longest summer vacation, since I get one extra month until university starts, so I really wanted to do something besides work. At the time Anarchy’s development had dried up, it didn’t get many updates and obviously even less releases.

So I decided then and there that I wanted to contribute to the project - most of it consists of bash scripts anyway, which is great, since my other bigger project, PiCraft, consists of a bunch of bash scripts as well, so I at least had some experience with them.